We named our company after our 4 children...Madison...Abigail....Cole and Sydney (MACS)

We have been making vegan cork jewelry for 3 years now.  Designing and creating our one of a kind pieces for various artisan shows all over New England. We are also proud members of the Ocean State Artisans.

Alot of our pieces (especially our necklaces) are one of a kind so the best way to see all of our collection is at one of our artisan fairs which you will find under upcoming events.

The best thing about making all our jewelry is we can customize to fit you, whether your wrist is 5 inches or 9 inches we'll make it for you!

Just email us and I would be happy to do it for you! 


Cork comes from a 200 year old Cork Tree that is only grown in the Meditteranean

They shave the cork tree every 9-12 years and put the date on it,  the tree re-generates its bark (how cool is that?)   All of our cork comes directly from Portugal! 

Therefore, Cork is Vegan (because it comes from a tree) and Eco-Friendly to the Environment

It is also very durable, water resistant and you may also put essential oils on your cork! PETA approved too no animals harmed!  Sustainable Jewelry to save our beautiful planet! 

To wash your cork bag simply use a clean cloth, small amount of soap and water and let air dry.

All our jewelry is shipped in a beautiful organza bag and ready for gift giving

Thank you for shopping with us!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us


Kim & John